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I started using my right brain, along with my left hand to create eye-catching art. My love for art began prior to elementary school where my knowledge and art skills started developing. I absorb creative juices from my surroundings and use various art techniques acquired through my own inventions and experiments. 


My expression of art is my fun and clever alter ego. It is a collection of colorful and diverse artistry. I work in various mediums such as pencil, graphics, printmaking, acrylic and mixed media. I enjoy working with texture, black and white and vibrant colors. My current body of work includes imagery of faces, popular events and abstract figures. I not only want to capture these images with my brushes or other miscellaneous tools, but also strive to make images unforgettable to the viewer by careful, colorful and intentional strokes. My artwork is produced on canvas, glass and aluminum. 


I am a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and a minor in Visual Arts. I earned a Master of Arts in Arts, Technology and Emerging Communications from the University of Texas at Dallas. I am the owner and CEO of Cicely’s Jazzy Art (CJA) and Colorful Aesthetics. I am the founder of The Celebrating Art Contest which is an art initiative that promotes visual art and creates juried art competitions for youth, college students and adults. My goal is to start an art foundation that will provide unique and meaningful art and technology programming for children, teenagers and senior citizens. 

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